Turn an allowance into a life lesson

A Visa debit card and app to help young adults intelligently manage their money.

secure, transparent, intelligent

Secure, transparent, intelligent.

How it works

Get your card

Open an account in minutes and we’ll send a Visa debit card

Add money

Automate a weekly allowance or send money via one-off transfers

Guide their spend

Notifications and insights lead to smarter parental controls and spending limits

Insights on every swipe

Teenager swipes and gets insights

Mom gets notifications and context

Forget cash?
We did too.

You have enough on your plate, set-and-forget allowance settings keeps the pocket change simple and cash-free. Instant, one-off transfers mean distance will never come between you.

Teach healthy habits

Having your own money is a big deal. That’s why we’ve designed a card that helps teach teens to spend and save responsibly.

Stay in the loop

Instant access to receipts, merchant info and location keeps you in the loop. Opt in for real time transaction notifications.

Safe spending

The world is a big place, that’s why we make it easy for parents to limit or block spending at certain vendors. Our smart debit card can be paused at anytime and lets you oversee spending.

It works on your device

Current’s website works on mobile, desktop and everything in between. There’s also an Android app and iOS app.

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