We think we have created a really good solution for families with teens. These messages from Moms who are using Current with their kids is both evidence that we are doing a pretty good job, and motivation to keep making Current better.

“It has worked out REALLY well for my family. I highly recommend it." -- Melissa, Mom

“It's super easy to use and I love that it rounds up my daughter's purchases and puts the difference in her savings. It's cost effective, I can monitor her usage, and it's safer than cash.” -- Lee Ann, Mom

"I love this card! I have it for my twin boys and have told ma ny of my associates about it also." -- Christine, Mom

"This has been a great solution for my 12 and 14 year old. Teaching them to keep up with important cards and finances while allowing me peace of mind if they were to lose it. Used for chores, vacation spending money and food allowance for after school sports trips. After five months of use it's worth the fees… I love the instant transfer between accounts." -- Stephanie, Mom

"Love this card." -- Marie, Mom

"I'm new to Current but 3 of my children have the cards now! They LOVE it and so do I. I was schocked when my teens started asking to do chores to earn money. Easy to set up and easy to use. Thanks Current for offering a great app." -- Princess, Mom


"Love this card. Cade loves it too." -- Olivia, Mom

"Thank you for creating this wonderful app/debit card! It has been absolutely amazing and helpful in teaching my daughter about money!" -- Nicole, Mom

"I love this card especially adding chores, it gives my son incentive to do them :)" -- Cindy, Mom

"(My daughter) has been bugging me for a debit card (she’s 14). Many times she goes with her friends and I don't have cash and don't want to give her my debit card. Current has come through for me. Love this concept! Thank you again!" -- Noel, Mom

"We got these for both our children last month and everyone loves them! I like how their chores are now getting done faster and they love the instant payment for them😊 -- Kimber, Mom

"So did I. And we are all loving it." -- Colleen, Mom (responding to Kimber)

"Cash is rare these days so yea they need to learn to use a debit card." -- Heather, Mom

"My daughter got hers today!! She is very excited!! And it’s a cute card!!!" -- Nicole, Mom

"I’ve had it for my teen for months now. We love it and it works for us." -- Hana, Mom

"This is perfect for my son." -- Lomeli, Mom

"Just got one for my son! It’s a great way to keep track of ur kids spending habits. U have total control of the locations where they can use their cards like bars or gambling spots. It’s pretty cool. I have 3 kids only one is old enough to have a debit card but I’ll be getting my other 2 one when they get older! They are linked to my account preferences and I can always send them money easily no matter where they are. Love." -- Tiffany, Mom

"Just signed up for @current for my kid who are super excited about having their own debit cards. Looks like an awesome experience." -- Courtney, Mom

"$3 a month. Billed upfront annually. But the best part.... no overdrafts! This is better than my bank account." -- Lauren, Mom

"Oh this looks cool! Maybe we can do something like this for him starting in 6th grade. So he has something in an emergency and he can actually do some chores to earn it!!!" -- Jill, Mom