Your handy guide to cool gifts teenagers will love

Modern-day teenagers can be a mystery — "whatever" might mean "no," "anything" could mean "yes," and don't even get us started on the eye roll, which can mean just about anything. Deciphering what teens say is an art form. And when it comes to gifts, it can be just as hard to figure out what they really want. But not for us.

At Current, we engage with teens every day and like to think we have a pretty good understanding of what’s cool and what’s not. We know what teens spend their money on, and our savings goal feature has given us tons of insight into what they actually want. So, to make your life easier, we’ve combed through our data to compile a list of gift ideas that the teen in your life is sure to love.


When it comes to shopping for backpacks, teens have so many choices. Gone are the days when backpacks were big, bulky and just plain ugly — they now come in an assortment of shapes and sizes to suit everyone (and they're actually cool). Here are some options to help your teen show off their style.
Herschel Retreat Backpack (Pictured), $79.99
Forever 21 Faux Quilted Leather Backpack, $24.90
HUF Utility Backpack, $60


“I have too many sneakers,” said no teen ever. Teens love sneakers, and it’s easy to see why — these cool kicks are super trendy, and can instantly add that extra oomph to any outfit. We say if the shoe(s) fit, get them for your teen.
Fila Women's Disruptor 2 (Pictured), $65
Nike Rosche One, $95
Adidas Men’s Ultraboost, $180

Financial responsibility

The gift that keeps giving. Current is a debit card and app for teens (and parents), that helps teach financial responsibility by allowing teens to spend and save their way. Additionally, teens can be rewarded with allowance for completing chores. Get the teen(s) in your life a subscription for Current, and watch as they become financially responsible.
Current, $36/year per teenager


Teenage years are all about self-expression, and makeup can make a great gift for anyone wanting to experiment. Here are some products that are a hit with teens - with their ultra cute packaging and winning formulas, your teen will feel super confident putting their best face forward.
Glossier Lidstar Duo (Pictured), $30
Kylie K Lip Kits, $29
Urban Decay Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette, $54.

Graphic tees

Streetwear brands are all the rage now, and these graphic tees are no exception. These trendy and aesthetic tees are cool-teenager-approved and sure to get the thumbs up from your teen. Heads up though: stock tends to run out quickly so act fast!
Thrasher Tee (Pictured), $24.95
Basic Stussy Tee, $36
Pyramidal T-Shirt, $48


What’s practical, comfortable and stylish? These activewear pieces of course! The athleisure trend shows no signs of dying down (yes, track pants are the new jeans) and will appeal to every teenager, even if their idea of exercise is a Netflix marathon.
Outdoor Voices ⅞ Leggings (Pictured), $85
Victoria’s Secret Pink Racerback Sports Bra, $19.95
Under Armour Men’s UA Sportstyle Trackpants, $45

Although any one of these items would make an excellent gift for any teenager, and be sure to cement your status as #CoolMom, #SwagUncle or #HipGrandma (pa), why not let your teen pick out their own gift?

Current lets them do just that. For a yearly subscription at only $36, teens can earn allowance money from chores, and save up to buy whatever they want. Nothing beats the satisfaction they'll get from buying their own gift with their hard-earned money. Plus, you can be sure you won't be seeing your gift (Current) being reused at the family Secret Santa this year.

Now that’s what we call a priceless gift.