Approved by teens themselves.

At Current, working with GenZ means we have the inside scoop on what they want for the holidays. In a recent Instagram Challenge, we surveyed over 1,000 teens and heard directly from them what they're saving for.


As the first digitally native generation, it's not surprising to see that the majority (31.5%) of teens surveyed are saving for electronics.

We dug a bit deeper to understand specifically which electronic devices they have their eyes on: AirPods took the #1 spot, accounting for over 40% of teens' electronic wishlist, followed by iPhones (35%) and Computers (25%).


With electronics, teens tend to ask for expensive items, and parents can’t always buy everything they ask for at once. Sometimes a cheaper alternative is just as good.

If AirPods, or wireless earphones, sound like something your teen would like, here's a suggestion for a cheaper alternative that works well for both iPhone and Android users:

TaoTronics wireless earphones offer excellent sound quality and have a simple yet sleek design that teens will love. The best part? They’re one-sixth the price of those AirPods at $25.99

But if you're teen still wants the real deal, maybe you can meet somewhere in the middle. If your teen really wants the $130 AirPods, but you think $30 is all they need to spend for headphones, give them Current and put $30 in their savings wallet to start.


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