Back to school season: YAY for parents, not so yay for teens?

Well, at least we can all agree that it can be a hectic time. Trips to Target, trips to Staples, pick up uniforms, (make sure they’re ironed), should you get chocolates for the teacher? Haircuts for all, sign up for fall sports, sign up for after-school activities, stock up on the lunch basics, and so sooo much more.

Relaaaaax, the rest of the school year doesn’t need to be this stressful ☝(or stressful at all). We’ve compiled a list of items and gadgets that are sure to make this school year feel like a breeze. You’re welcome.

Witti Beddi Alarm Clock: Can’t start the day off right if you don’t start it at all, amirite? While Beddi can wake up your teen with a regular alarm, it can do way more than that. It comes with a white noise generator and built-in, gentle wake up light. But if your teen prefers, they can wake up while jamming to their favorite Spotify playlist. Does your teen love to hit snooze? No worries, Beddi’s got you covered, set up as many alarms as necessary using the Beddi’s app.

Current, The Debit Card and App for Teens: Stop those unnecessary trips to the ATM and send your teen money directly to their own debit card with Current. Set up and reward for chores, all while teaching financial responsibility. No more worrying about not having enough cash!

Cobra JumPack Classic: Is your teen driving? If so, you should consider keeping a set of these in your car. Most high school and college-age teens are driving cars that are an average of 7 – 10 years old and it’s not uncommon for car batteries and alternators to die without much warning. Instead of leaving them to wait for a jump-start from a stranger, give yourself peace of mind with the Cobra JumPack Classic, which will let them jumpstart their car themselves.

Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt: Let’s face it, teens lose house keys. It happens. Avoid the pain of this all together with the Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt. Teens can easily get inside the home with an access code, and parents can also provide access via the app. The door can also be locked or unlocked remotely via the app, in case anyone forgets the combination.

Aceable: Say bye bye to the DMV and hello to Aceable, the app that lets your teen take driver's ED directly on their phone. What's even better? Teens in select states save money when signing up through Current.