The government shutdown has delayed the release of U.S. retail data for the month of December, but not here at Current.

The shutdown has delayed the release of a host of U.S. economic data that is reported by the government, including retail sales for the month of December 2018. Fortunately, here @Current we are still hard at work, and we have December retail data for teens.

Spending among Current teen debit card holders hit its highest point in December 2018, up 12.2 percent month-over-month per user from November 2018, and up 34.7 percent from June 2018.

The average individual transaction in December was also up, 9.7 percent month-over-month.

What teens aren’t doing much of is shopping with cash. ATM cash withdrawals among Current customers represented only 5.8% of all transaction value, while for the general population cash still accounts for 31 percent of all transactions.