Traveling is a fantastic learning opportunity for teens, and a bit nerve wracking for parents.

You are excited for your child, and you want to set them up for success, but you also worry about them.

Travel Secure with a Debit Card and App
One simple way to help your teen’s trip abroad go smoothly is to send them with a Current teen debit card. Current provides your teen with the tools they need to travel -- a debit card that works internationally and an app that lets manage their travel budget.

Always Accurate Account Balance -- in Dollars
When your teen makes a purchase their balance is instantly updated in dollars so that they don’t need to do currency conversions on the fly, or wait several to days to realize the impact on their budget.

Spending Notifications
Real-time spending notifications let you know where and when your teen is spending. So, if they are having too much fun to call as often as you would like, you can still follow them (from a respectful distance) as the spend throughout the day.

Instant Transfers
Travel can lead to unexpected expenses, and if your teen us relying on cash there is no easy way for you to send them money. With Current, you can instantly transfer money from your wallet to their wallet to cover unexpected opportunities or emergencies.

Safe and Secure
If their card is lost or stolen, your or your teen can quickly pause it using the app card so it cannot be used.

Have Confidence the Card will Work
The Current Visa Debit Card is accepted by businesses in more than 200 countries worldwide. And the Current card has the latest EVM chip and pin technology, which is not only more secure, it assures you can use the card anywhere. In many countries merchants and kiosks won’t accept a card without an EVM chip.

No Extra Fees
You don’t need to worry about extra fees eating away at your teen’s travel allowance. Current passes on the 3 percent Visa fee for international transactions, but unlike many bank cards we add no additional fees.

More Fun, Less Worry
With the right tools connecting you, your teen doesn’t need to worry about money. This means more time to explore the country they’re in and enjoy the trip in the moment.

Sign-Up Now
So, if your teenager is heading outside the country for a family vacation, school trip, semester abroad, or spring break, sign-up for a Current account to enable them to become the budding world-traveler they’re meant to be.