and how your teen can earn as well

On a recent Instagram poll, we found out that most of our teen followers (57%) receive their pocket money from their parents. But interestingly, for those who aren't receiving an allowance, more than half (53%) are making money from running their own side projects, while 47% have jobs.

Teens are no longer just working traditional jobs like cashiering and flipping burgers, but looking for other ways of earning some side money. We asked some teens from our #CurrentHustle Instagram Challenge to spill their money-making secrets and here's what they shared with us.

Artist or Designer

Among our #CurrentHustle challenge participants, Instagram user ( paints portraits of other people's pets for a fee. Aside from painting, other ways to make some spare cash include designing flyers and posters, or creating graphic designs for small businesses and entrepreneurs. If your teen has a creative streak, they could be turning that into a money-making business.

Using games to make money

Your teen doesn't need to be a gamer to make money from games. Some teens use video games as inspiration to make short movies, while others write gaming reviews and guidebooks.

Another innovative way to earn money is through Roblox, as another Current user, Jay (@apple_support_page), shared with us. Roblox is a website and app for members to build and play online games created by other members, and Jay creates games on the platform (as pictured above). While playing games, users can make in-game purchases using a virtual currency Robux. A portion of this currency goes to the game creators, and they can exchange Robux for real-world money.

Candy maker or baker

Current user, Kaylie (@rockinroseslollipops), participated in our #CurrentHustle challenge and told us about that as a side hustle, she handmakes hard candy lollipops. She's been selling candy to her friends and family, and even has orders coming in from Instagram. It doesn't just have to be candy — if your teen loves baking, decorating cakes for parties and special occasions might be a good option too.

Photographer or videographer

One way to make money is by taking photos or videos. And no, we're not talking about selfies here. Maybe you've noticed that your teen takes awesome iPhone photos on family trips. Sign them up to take some classes (or just watch YouTube tutorials) in photography and videography to brush up on their technique.

Once they have done a few test shoots, they're ready to start scouting around for opportunities. Curating content for a brand, taking portraits of friends or covering school events like prom or graduation - these are just a few things they could do to earn some extra cash.

Other cool ways

Even if your teen isn't interested in becoming a baker or photographer, there are lots of other things they could do to earn money, like:

  • Give private lessons in piano, violin, dance, math, or anything they're good at, really.
  • Help out with administrative or data-entry tasks
  • Organize sports or dance workshops
  • Work as a paid research assistant at school
  • Write helpful study notes to sell to fellow students

...and the list goes on.

Use Current to earn

If none of the above options apply, don't worry.

Current - the debit card and app for teens can help with that. Using Current, parents can reward teens for helping around the house with tasks like refilling the gas, ironing clothes or getting groceries.

To find out more about what other features Current has to offer, check us out here.