So what is the secret for getting teens to budget their money? It doesn’t require a 12-hour course in financial planning or a checkbook. For many teens the path to money management starts with simply knowing their account balance.

Once a kid can check their balance at any time they start to plan ahead, and consider how to make the money last. And without even really thinking about it they are starting to budget.

At Current we have seen this happen both as parents and as app developers. And teens have also admitted as much in interviews, telling us awareness of their account balance was the trigger that made them start to think about budgeting and saving. As a matter of fact, when we started Current,
checking your balance was the number one requested feature.

Armed with this information we developed an Android Widget that teens can use to display their account balance on their home screen without having to launch the Current app. They can choose to display the balance from one or all of their spending, saving or charity wallets

And it isn’t just for kids. Parents can add the widget to their own home screen as well.

The widget launched today. Happy budgeting.