Digital wallets to help spend, save and give

Real world, financial education for kids. Transparency and control for parents.


Current for kids

Kids get three types of wallets to help manage their money.

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Kid iPhone
Kid iPhone

The Spending wallet

This is linked to the debit card. It’s for day-to-day expenses, viewing their allowance and managing chores.


The Savings wallet

This helps kids to put money away for a rainy day. Kids can automate savings through our round-ups feature.


The Giving wallet

This enables kids to donate to thousands of local and national causes. It helps to teach empathy.

Current for parents

Parents can manage all their kids’ finances within the app.

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iPhone Parents
iPhone Parents
Primary Wallet

The Primary wallet

This enables parents to make free instant transfers to their kids. It’s useful for emergencies and one-off payments.

"I like that I don’t have to carry around cash anymore and I can see exactly where my daughter spends"

Geraint, Father

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"I like that i can see how much money I have at any moment. Also now my dad can’t cheat me on my allowance"

Bronwyn, Daughter

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Kids on Current can:


Automate savings by
rounding up the change


Donate to their
favorite causes


Request money for
one-off expenses

Parents on Current can:


Automate an


Set up and
manage chores


Limit spending and
block categories

Together, parents and kids on Current can:


Track spending, saving
and giving


See where all the
money goes


Pause the debit card
at anytime

It works on your device

Current’s website works on mobile, desktop and everything in between. There’s also an Android app and iOS app.


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