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With Current, you can instantly send and receive money for free to other members on Current when you use your Current ~tag. For secure, fast and free payments, Current has you covered.

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Cash sharing made easy

In order to send payments with many banking apps, you have to deal with third-party systems that place unnecessary barriers between you and the person you need to send a payment. If you've ever used an online payment app, you know the struggle.

Current has its own money sharing feature. Using your Current ~tag you can easily and instantly send or receive money without any fees on Current Pay. It's cash sharing made easy.

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Send money to friends and family easily

Moving at your own pace means being able to pay people online, and move money whenever and wherever you please. Having a solid money sharing app is a must for anyone living on their own terms.

At Current, that's what we want for you, and it's why we took the time to design a banking account and mobile app that allows you to easily send money to friends and family. Sign up for Current in less than two minutes and start sending money instantly for free today.

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Customer Reviews

App Store 5 Stars

" I love this app: Best banking app I’ve ever had! I 10000% recommend!!!! Fast and easy direct deposit, easy transfers. I really enjoy his app "

Google Play 5 Stars

" Easy to use, looks amazing and love getting my checks two days early. This app was very much needed. "

App Store 5 Stars

" Fast and Easy: Getting around this app goes smoothly and you earn points at certain stores. Saving money while spending it? Yess please!! "

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