Custodial wallet

For teens and parents to use together


$3 a month

$36 per year paid upfront

That’s about the same as half a fancy coffee a month

This gets you:

A smart Visa debit card

Free, unlimited money transfers

Automated cash free allowances

Transparency and insight into transactions

Parental controls and spending limits

Primary wallet

For individuals to pay friends and family



This gets you:

Free, unlimited money transfers

Scheduled and repeating payments

Payments by email address

Our fees, the full rundown

Current charges an upfront fee for the Custodial wallet. All of our other features are provided for free. Most people will not encounter any other fees.

However, there are a few things that we get charged for by third parties that we pass on to you in order to cover our costs. This includes out-of-network ATM withdrawal fees (which can easily be avoided). See below for the full details.

Custodial wallet

The Visa debit card spending wallet for teens.

Monthly fee

$3 per month

billed annually

Visa debit card Free
Bank transfers Free
Parental controls Free

Individual wallet

A free “Primary” wallet for payments with friends.

Monthly fee Free
Bank transfers Free
Transfers within Current Free
Payments to friends Free

Debit card

The Visa debit card is given to all Custodial wallet customers.

Visa debit card Free
US purchases Free
ATM (in-network) Free
ATM (out-of-network) It depends*
International purchases 3%
Card replacement fee $3

*If you use an ATM outside of our fee-free network, the ATM owner may charge a fee. This fee is variable but usually around $2 per withdrawal.