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Get more when you save with Current. Get Savings with Interest and earn 4.00% APY to maximize every dollar.

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Grow your savings 15x faster²

With Current Savings Pods, you can organize your savings goals while making money on your cash. The more you put in, the more you’ll make. It’s that simple.

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24/7 access, 0 restrictions, infinite possibilities

Access your money at any time, with no restrictions on moving money in and out of your Savings Pods.¹

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Your money makes money, every day

Payments are applied daily to your balance. So sit back, relax, and watch your money grow. Every. Single. Day.

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Customer Reviews

Google Play 5 Stars

" Easy to use, looks amazing and love getting my checks two days early³. This app was very much needed. "

Google Play 5 Stars

" Love it. Easy to use. No hidden fees. "

App Store 5 Stars

" I absolutely love this card, it’s super easy to sign up and use. Love that it gives me my balance every time I use it! "

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