Get up to $500 before payday

Set up a direct deposit with Current and, once you qualify, get up to a $500 paycheck advance. ¹

  • Payday is just one tap away

    Instant Access Disclosures

    Expedited disbursement of your Paycheck Advance is an optional feature that is subject to an Instant Access Fee and may not be available to all users. Expedited disbursements may take up to an hour. For more information, please refer to Paycheck Advance Terms and Conditions.

    Get instant access to your paycheck in advance for a fee, or get it within 3 business days for free.

  • Unlimited access

    Advance as much as you qualify for, as often as you need.

  • No credit checks

    There are no credit checks required to qualify for Paycheck Advance, and we don't report your withdrawals or repayments.

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