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We live in a world where everything is available with the tap of a button. Money should be no different.

Current is a new way for people to send and receive money in the places they interact most.

What is Current today?

Current is a next-generation payment network which enables people to send money to anyone across the United States. Our system allows people to transact where they interact—on the web, on social networks, and in messaging clients—to create an easier, faster, and less costly way to transfer money.

Transact where you interact

Our ambitions

We want to truly connect the world financially. We want to create a world where your financial identity and reputation is portable across borders.

What can I use Current for?

Think of Current as an easier way to spend and transfer your money. Right now, you can use Current to send your share of the rent or utilities to your roommates, split the cost of a trip with your friends, or connect it to Slack to pay your co-workers for lunch.

What is Current tomorrow?

In the future, Current will be available for a variety of uses—payroll, mortgage payments, and commerce. Our goal is to create a financial layer for conversational commerce.

Sending your friends and family money should be as simple as sending them a message.

When and where is Current available?

Current is available to US residents aged 18+. We seek to become a global company, to connect the world financially.

Where are you based?

Current is lovingly made in SoHo, New York City.

Who is behind Current?

Current is a portfolio company of Expa and Human Ventures.

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