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Empowering teens to make the best financial decisions

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Learn why parents prefer Current

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Learn why teens love Current

for teens
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“Kids learn about financial responsibility with the payment method they’re likely to use as an adult.”
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“How to give kids money—just enough—with true control and transparency on how it's spent.”
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“This is a massive opportunity to do the right thing for this younger generation.”
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“Teens get a legitimate debit card they can use at the gas pump, out with friends or online.”
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“For parents who want to give their children allowances but never seem to have the cash on hand.”
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“Current wants to take allowances into the modern age through an app-controlled Visa debit card.”
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“The goal in teaching children about money should be to give them enough freedom so they feel they’re accomplishing something independently.”
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“With the proliferation of smartphones and the increase in digital payments being accepted universally, the timing is perfect for a company like Current.”
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“A debit card for their child that is funded exclusively from the parents’ bank account, and is accepted anywhere VISA is accepted.”
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Connecting individuals, groups and brands with the future of money.

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a generation

Ensuring teens form good financial habits through hands-on learning.

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