Easy automatic savings when you round up

Saving money can be a challenge. Current makes it easy to save money automatically. Set aside money for specific purchases and create savings goals using Saving Pods. And, use round-ups to move a little money to your pods every time you swipe your debit card.

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Current is built to help you do what you want with your money

That's why we built Savings Pods. Daily life is full of distractions. Remembering to save money can be difficult. Being able to save money automatically can make your financial life more flexible and free.

We designed our automated savings feature so you can set money aside automatically every time you make a purchase with round-ups and create Savings Pods for all your different savings goals.


Your life is unique, and we believe you deserve ways to save your hard-earned money

When you’re ready to spend, you can then easily transfer the money into your available spending balance.

Your life is unique, and we believe you deserve ways to save your hard-earned money as easily as possible. Automatic savings is something we’re proud to offer Current members.

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How to save automatically with round-ups:


On the Current app, scroll down and tap on Savings Pods. Create a new Pod.


Turn on round-ups for the pod so your purchases will be rounded up to the nearest dollar.


The difference will be transferred into the pod when the transaction finalizes.


Your automated savings will grow and you can use them for future purchases.

Customer Reviews

Google Play 5 Stars

" This is a great way to start banking & learning how to save money. The “Savings Pods” are ideal for setting yourself up for all occasions. The notifications on what you spend are great in telling you what you spent and what you have left so that you know. "

Google Play 5 Stars

" After searching for an online bank, Current has proven to be exactly what I was looking for! There is a feature allowing any debit card deductions to be rounded up to the nearest dollar. The money is then placed into a savings "pod" of your choosing. "

Google Play 5 Stars

" Current app makes saving money for vacation or other things very easy. I love the cheaper price for loading money and the many locations to load at are amazing considering other cards. This is the new APP AND BANK PEOPLE NEED TO TRY OUT!!!!!!!!! "

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