Best 10 Websites to Sell Stuff Locally & Make Extra Money Today

profile Current Team  |  November 9, 2022

Selling stuff locally is one of the fastest ways to make money. You don’t have to wait for items to ship. You exchange the goods in person and have your cash immediately.

Whether you’re cleaning out your garage, getting new furniture, or just need some extra cash as soon as possible, these 10 websites make it easy to quickly sell stuff locally.

The 10 Best Sites to Sell Stuff Locally

  1. OfferUp
    This is one of the most popular apps for local sales. In fact, they claim to be the biggest marketplace for local transactions.

    You create a profile before you can post items. Users can rate buyers and sellers on a star system, so people can assess whether individuals are trustworthy based on feedback on prior transactions.

    It’s free to post on OfferUp, though they do have a paid subscription option, which promises better listing placement.
  2. Facebook Marketplace
    It’s free to list items on Facebook Marketplace, and it’s easy since people with Facebook accounts are already familiar with the site. Similar to OfferUp, you’ll include a description, price, and photos in your listing. You’ll also be asked to enter your location.

    Since Facebook requires an account to post, and the account is associated with someone’s name and face, it tends to be a reliable marketplace. There are certain things you cannot sell on Facebook Marketplace, such as healthcare items.

  3. Facebook groups
    You can post items in specialized Facebook groups. This is different than Facebook Marketplace in that these groups are not designed for commerce. However, there is a buy/sell feature that group moderators can turn on, allowing users to post items.

    The benefit of selling in these groups is that you have a specialized audience. For example, dedicated parent groups often post baby-related items, and car enthusiast groups may post hard-to-find car parts. Since these groups are often locally based (such as “Los Angeles Mommies & Daddies”), you’ll know that buyers are local.

    Since the audience tends to be smaller, it can take longer to sell things in these groups.

  4. Craigslist
    As one of the first online marketplaces, Craigslist has a long history in local sales. The site is divided into major cities and metro areas, so Craigslist is locally focused.

    It’s free and easy to post listings here, but you do need to repost the listing regularly if you want to stay at the top of the listings feed. Craigslist does tend to have more scams listed on it, so be vigilant in vetting buyers before meeting up. Never provide your bank account information to anyone.
  5. Decluttr
    If you don’t feel like dealing with listings and potential buyers, this is the site for you. It specializes in tech. Phones, tablets, smartwatches, and gaming consoles are popular items to sell to Decluttr.

    You tell Decluttr the item you are selling and provide details on its condition. They’ll tell you how much they’ll pay you for your item and send you packaging to ship it to them for free.

    You’ll get the money as soon as they receive your item. The amount you receive is dependent on the condition of the item, so if they determine it is in worse condition than you said, you may receive less than you think.

  6. Nextdoor
    Since Nextdoor is made up of neighborhood hubs, you will have a hyper-local audience for your postings. Both the app and desktop version are easy to use, so you can quickly post an item with a description and photos.

    Since each user must have their name and address verified to have an account on Nextdoor, it’s less likely that scams will happen on this site.

  7. eBay
    A trusted site, eBay offers the option to sell an item with “local pickup only.” Before item pickup occurs, buyers can pay you via PayPal. Be aware that if you use PayPal for payment, they do charge a 2.9% fee.

    eBay also charges a listing fee of 35 cents as well as 2% to 12% of the final sale price.

  8. 5miles
    This site was created in an effort to cut down on fraud and scams on local selling sites, like Craigslist. 5miles has a local focus, and users must verify their identity to buy and sell on the site.

    It’s free to list items on 5miles, and they show your item to buyers within a 5-mile radius.

  9. Mercari
    If you have preowned items to sell, Mercari is a good selling tool. Similar to eBay, Mercari charges a commission percentage on the final sale price. In most cases, this is 10%. In addition, they charge a 2.9% processing fee.

    Mercari’s audience tends to be younger than eBay’s. If you have trendy items to sell, it’s a good choice.

  10. Varagesale

As the name suggests, Varagesale acts as a virtual garage sale, helping you to sell items locally. Users must be verified via ID, so this adds a level of security. Similar to other sites, members are rated so you can get an idea of other users’ experiences with them.

It’s free to list items on Varagesale, and they don’t charge commission on the final sale.

How to Maximize Your Local Sales

When listing items for sale, be honest in your description and photos. Don’t attempt to hide issues or wear and tear.

Clean the items beforehand, as dirtiness can be off-putting and result in much less interest.

Set an appropriate price for the item. Be aware that people will generally try to negotiate on e-commerce sites, so don’t be surprised if people offer you an amount less than what you listed.

Above all else, stay safe while using e-commerce sites for local sales. Always meet in a public place rather than your residence. Ask a friend to go with you to the meeting, if possible.

Only accept cash for payment. Don’t accept a check as it could be fraudulent. Never give out personal information, including your bank account details.

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