Kimora: Breaking barriers with her music


Meet Kimora – Rapper, artist, & proud trans woman, she’s making a name for herself and building her savings to reach her goals of putting out her first album.

Goal Getters is a series that spotlights real Current members and the inspiring stories of their unique money journeys.

What goal are you getting after?

“Right now, I'm working towards building my music career. What I love the most is that I get to find myself. I get to explore different parts of myself, different feelings, and it just helps me connect with who I am more.”

How are you getting there?

“I'm just hustling, being an independent artist. So, I'm kind of just making it day by day. I try to at least go to the studio about three times a week and it's pretty expensive, but as I continue to financially budget, it gets a little bit easier.”

“I'm here to break barriers and I know I will.”

How has being a trans artist impacted you?

“It's important for me to get out there and inspire people because when I was growing up, I didn't feel like I had a lot of inspiration. I think it's time that we have people like myself to step into a position where we change negative narratives.”

How is Current helping you chase those goals?

“I have three saving pods, one for college, one for engineering and then there's one if I have to do more, like, mixing and mastering.”

Any advice?

“Keep on working on your side hustle because eventually, your side hustle is gonna help you live the dream that you always wanted.”

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