Current presents '2 Days in Hell'

profile Erin Bruehl  |  October 28, 2021

What’s scarier than a horror movie on Halloween? Living in one every week as you wait for your paycheck. To that end, Current is proud to present ‘2 Days in Hell’, a new, faux horror film trailer detailing a living nightmare of not having access to your money when you need it.

The trailer, produced by Greenpoint Pictures duo Ghost + Cow, stars Tiktok creator Flossybaby, who has a following of nearly four million, and is an original Current branded entertainment creation that showcases our continued support and promotion of the creator community and the relevance of Current’s mobile banking products and brand for its mostly young millennial members.

The trailer follows a group of friends on a road trip in the middle of nowhere. Running low on gas, the group stops to refill at the gas station, only to find the gas station is cash only. They hit the ATM but realize no one’s paycheck has cleared yet so they have no money to withdraw. Their funds are still pending because they don’t have Current and aren’t getting paid up to two days faster.

They’re stranded, at a gas station in the middle of nowhere, living the hell of waiting for their money.

How do they escape the two days in hell? Watch and see!

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