Current presents 'No Wish Declined'

profile Current Team  |  December 14, 2021

This holiday season, Current is proud to present ‘No Wish Declined’, as we bring the joy of holiday movies and the joy of commercials making fun of the joy of holiday movies to talk about things like why we don’t believe in overdraft fees. We know this time of year can be challenging financially, which is why we made a new faux holiday film trailer about how Current helps save Christmas.

The trailer, starring TikTok creator Rahul Rai, who has over 3 million followers, highlights a love story and a variety of characters in a small town, all trying to find the perfect gift until their credit cards are declined. Just when they realize the real meaning of Christmas, they also discover Current and the gift of overdraft up to $100 without overdraft fees. Current helps save Christmas and your wallet, but watch and see how this Christmas miracle ends.

This new campaign is an original Current branded entertainment creation and is part of a wider integrated holiday campaign featuring Airrack, Drew Gooden, and other top influencers who will be giving away $70k and spreading holiday cheer at retail shops by paying for customer purchases at the last minute with their Current card. Followers who download the app using the influencer Current code will be entered to win $500. ‘No Wish Declined’ and the influencer giveaway exemplify Current’s support and promotion of the creator community and showcases how Current provides the most relevant financial products and services for this generation.

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