Introducing Current ~tags!

profile Erin Bruehl  |  December 10, 2019

We’re excited to announce we’re making sending and requesting money both easier AND more fun than ever with our latest feature. Our customizable Current ~tags are here!

How often have you paid for a lunch, coffee, drinks for friends or spotted each other in a pinch? It surely avoids the complications of splitting a bill on multiple credit cards and someone will just 'get you next time.' But now you can instantly send or request money from friends and family when you share your new Current ~tag!

So how does it work? From the ‘Money Tab’ in your app, you can instantly see all of your contacts who are on Current and tap to pay or request money from them OR scan your unique QR code (it's a little ~ at the top of your Current Pay). All transactions are secure and private between just the two of you. No one else sees how much you’ve paid someone or who you’ve paid.

By default, your Current ~tag will be ~YourName (see what we’re doing there with our logo?) but go change it up, make it more fun, more representative of you and then share your with your friends. Each Current ~tag is unique so be the first to customize and claim the one you want!

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