The Current Wave: Growth and app refresh, TV and awards

profile Erin Bruehl  |  February 2, 2021

At Current, we’ve started 2021 much like we finished 2020, which is to say we’ve been hustling. ICYMI, we saved our members over $100 million in overdraft fees in just eight months to end 2020, and we’ve launched a new version of our app, our new TV commercials debuted and you’ll find our team speaking at a wide variety of events.

Exceptional growth continues

In 2020, we doubled our member base in less than six months, and with over 2 million members, we wanted to give them a seamless, modern and consistent experience across touch points with Current and make their introduction to our product even easier.

Here’s what we’ve done:

  • Our app got a UI refresh: We have given our app a UI refresh for a sleek, modern new look!
  • Our app is more user friendly than ever: Another reason for the update is we wanted to ensure consistency between updates to existing features and launching new ones, to make every feature easier to understand for our members with a unified experience across the Current app. Our members can discover our new features and immediately understand how they work.
  • We’re about listening to our customers: We launched dark mode on iOS on the first day iOS 13 was available in 2019, and we received requests to do the same for our Android members, so we’re excited to debut it in just a few weeks.

    We have new commercials!

    A new year, new product offerings also means new TV commercials! You can catch them on TV and also on our YouTube channel here and here.

    And the Product Innovation Award goes to…. Current VP of Product Josh Stephens

    We’re proud our VP of Product Josh Stephens was named the winner of the Product Innovation Award at Amplitude’s Inaugural Pioneer Awards. You can catch Josh and our VP of Marketing Adam Hadi on a ‘Armchair Analytics’ webinar with Amplitude on February 18 at 10:30am ET.

    Using our tech to enable product differentiation

    We built our own banking core technology, which not only allows us to deliver money faster, but did you know it also allows us to have better interactions with our members? Our Chief Technology Officer Trevor Marshall breaks down how Current’s partners with MongoDB to create a unique data model that's able to support our business directly and impact our member interactions.

    You can catch more Current coming up!

    How do you balance acquiring customers AND building a brand specifically for Gen-Z? Our VP of Marketing Adam Hadi will break it all down, including Current’s unique approach to influencer partnerships, at Tearsheet’s Acquire Conference on February 16 at 10:30am ET.
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