Vanessa: Working to give back


Meet Vanessa – First-generation college student & immigrant, she’s working on her finances and building an emergency fund to give back to her family who’ve given up so much for her.

Goal Getters is a series that spotlights real Current members and the inspiring stories of their unique money journeys.

What goal are you getting after?

“My biggest goal right now, financially, is just restarting. And having a foundation that will help me build wealth, and help my family moving forward.”

How are you getting there?

“The main thing that I'm trying to do right now is save up to pay off my debt. Moving from Venezuela, it was really a shock, seeing how things work here, how credit score works here, and not having enough of a foundation.”

“I’m figuring out how to align myself with my true desire, and at the same time be able to live in this environment where we all have bills to pay, or things to check off.”

How has your experience having to leave Venezuela impacted you?

“I feel like anybody that is a first child in a family, especially in immigrant families, feels a tremendous pressure to make it… And that pressure can really be a lot to handle on your own.”

How is Current helping you chase those goals?

“I really enjoy using the Savings Pods, because I can segment my money into different goals, and I can name them so that I can see the amount of money that I have towards each goal, and the progress that I'm making towards them.”

Any advice?

“I would say for anybody that's working on finances, and you've never done it before, it is a messy road if you're starting from scratch. So do your due diligence, do your research, pick smart tools to help you out. And don't be afraid to make mistakes. It will happen, but those mistakes and those tools that you gather along the way are the things that will help you reach your goal.”

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