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At Current, we instantly remove gas holds for our members that gas stations put on their cards after they fill up at the pump, making all account funds fully available right away.

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Current is committed to getting money back in our members’ pockets as quickly as possible

Gas stations put holds on debit cards when you fill up at the pump. Current instantly makes all your money available. But what is a gas hold?

A gas hold is a gas station payment processing method that places an authorization hold on your account for $50 or more, and keeps it until your transaction clears, to ensure they receive full payment for the gas.


Stay in the driver's seat with Current

Unfortunately, sometimes that gas station authorization hold takes as long as 72 hours to be removed from your account. At Current, we understand the issues that something like a gas hold can cause with the flow of your life. We created a better way.

When you sign up for a Current Account, we remove gas holds immediately that stations put on debit cards at the pump, making all account funds available, right away. You'll get a notification on your phone before you're even done filling up. Stay in the driver's seat with Current—download the app and never mess with a gas hold again.


How a gas hold removal works with Current:


You pump gas at the station of your choice.


The station places a hold on your account.


Current removes the hold immediately.


You’ll receive a push notification for the amount refunded.

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" Amazing! Current is leaps and bounds above the big banks! Customer service is great and the benefits are five-star. Keep up the good work. "

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" Awesome: Crazy good app. "

Google Play 5 Stars

" The app fulfills all the requirements I have ever had to a checking app! "

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