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Here’s How to Get Your Maximum Tax Refund This Year

If you’re like most Americans, you may be expecting a tax refund when you file your 2023 taxes this year. And knowing the tax breaks available to you can help you claim your maximum refund.

profile Current Team  |  February 20, 2024

Tax season is open! 5 steps to get started on your tax return

Tax season opens January 29. Here are five ways to prepare for your tax return now, so you can file quickly and confidently. 

profile Current Team  |  January 29, 2024

Introducing Banking and Credit Building, Together

At Current, we’ve always believed everyone should have access to opportunities to improve their financial lives.

profile Current Team  |  July 10, 2023

Kimora: Breaking barriers with her music

Meet Kimora – Rapper, artist, & proud trans woman, she’s making a name for herself and building her savings to reach her goals of putting out her first album.

profile Current Team  |  March 21, 2023

Ivan: Becoming his own boss

Meet Ivan – Entrepreneur and small business owner, he’s working on building his savings so he can build his business and bring clean energy to his community.

profile Current Team  |  March 21, 2023

Sylma: Turning art into a ticket to see the world

Meet Sylma - Teacher by day, artist by night. She’s following her dreams of traveling around the world and using her art to help her get there.

profile Current Team  |  March 21, 2023

Vanessa: Working to give back

Meet Vanessa – First-generation college student & immigrant, she’s working on her finances and building an emergency fund to give back to her family who’ve given up so much for her.

profile Current Team  |  March 21, 2023

Introducing The New Current

We set out in 2015 with the mission to be the future of banking. Today, we’re proud to launch a rebrand that aligns our brand to our mission.

profile Current Team  |  February 7, 2023

11 Foolproof Ways to Save Money On a Low Income

There are lots of ways to start saving money even if you have a low income. Use these 11 tips to work toward savings goals that will help you get the things you want and need in life.

profile Current Team  |  January 4, 2023

Why Some Banks Charge Fees & How to Avoid Banking Costs

If you’d like to avoid paying high bank fees, it helps to know why they charge them, what products require them, and the options you have for ensuring that you don’t get charged.

profile Current Team  |  December 2, 2022

When to Ask for a Raise in Your Current Role

The quickest and easiest way to increase your current income is to ask for a raise that you deserve or apply for a promotion that pays more than your current position. Learn when it’s the right time to ask for a raise in your current role.

profile Current Team  |  December 2, 2022

What Is a Personal Finance Coach & Should I Have One?

A personal finance coach can help you to organize your finances and figure out the best path forward without wasting time or money on missteps. Learn more about personal finance coaches here.

profile Current Team  |  November 21, 2022

How to Open Your First Bank Account Online

Opening your first bank account online is a great way to take command of your finances, avoid fees, and get lots of great perks that aren’t available at brick-and-mortar banks. Learn more here.

profile Current Team  |  November 21, 2022

7 Effective Ways of Saving Money as a Student

Costs can add up for students. Learn seven effective ways to save money as a student here.

profile Current Team  |  November 16, 2022

Why Does a Student Need an Emergency Fund?

It’s important for students to build up an emergency fund to cover unexpected expenses. Learn why here.

profile Current Team  |  November 16, 2022

Highest Paying Jobs That Will Train You With No Experience

Now is a great time to find high paying jobs that will train you even if you have no previous experience. Learn about the 10 highest paying jobs here.

profile Current Team  |  November 16, 2022

How to Make Money as a Teenager: 20 Jobs for 13–18 Year Olds

There are lots of ways teenagers can make money. Learn about 20 solid jobs for teenagers, 13 to 18 years old, here.

profile Current Team  |  November 16, 2022

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