What you need to know on stimulus payments

Current has started receiving and crediting stimulus payments. We'll be crediting payments immediately for all our members as we receive them.

profile Erin Bruehl  |  March 10, 2021

What the 2020 election means for fintech and Current

The 2020 election means change and here's what it means for Current and its now over 1.75 million members, and the industry.

profile Erin Bruehl  |  November 10, 2020

Keep your account information secure

Our members' privacy and security is extremely important to us and we want to be sure all our members keep their accounts safe from scammers.

profile Erin Bruehl  |  August 5, 2020

Current to honor Juneteenth with company holiday

On Friday, June 19, Current will be observing Juneteenth, the commemoration of the end to slavery in the United States, as an official company-wide paid holiday.

profile Erin Bruehl  |  June 16, 2020

How to track your stimulus payment

Enter your direct deposit information through the new IRS web portal if they do not have a banking information on file for you with your Current account and routing numbers and receive your economic stimulus payment up to two days faster.

profile Erin Bruehl  |  April 15, 2020

How do you know if you get a Coronavirus stimulus payment?

Find out if you're qualified to receive a Coronavirus stimulus payment, what to do if you've already filed your taxes and how you get it up to two days faster to your Current account.

profile Erin Bruehl  |  April 6, 2020

Give and Get this holiday season!

Use your Current ~tag and a friend's Current ~tag on our social posts and you could both win money from us this holiday season.

profile Erin Bruehl  |  December 13, 2019

Tip for parents: Link your account to your teen's

You're enjoying the convenience and supervision of your teen's Current account but here's a secret to get the most out of the account for your teen: Link with them.

profile Erin Bruehl  |  October 21, 2019

Early direct deposit is the game changer you need.

Everyone loves payday - whether you get paid weekly, bi-monthly or monthly, nothing quite beats that feeling when your money finally hits your banking account. Who doesn't love seeing their money sooner?When you get your paycheck via direct deposit, the money goes straight into your banking account so you can spend it immediately or set it aside as savings. It’s no wonder that direct deposit is the most preferred method for receiving paychecks as it offers convenience and makes it much easier t

profile Jacqueline Ong  |  July 12, 2019

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